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Azienda Agricola I PINI di Rosario Rago

[Italy] buffalo mozzarella cheese

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I am sure you have tried buffalo mozzarella; perhaps you have had it fresh in Italy. Our area (Battipaglia) is the epicentre of the world for this product. Tons and tons are air freighted daily (at a enormous cost due to the high cost of air freight and the cost of flying more than 120 % extra weight in the form of water) from Naples & Rome to northern Europe, USA & Canada.

And tons and tons are tossed in the garbage a few days later because it was not sold. In Italy if you do not eat buffalo in one or two days, you toss it. Fresh Mozzarella has a distinctive feel as the outer skin breaks under your teeth, there is a perceptible squeak (like two balloons being rubbed together) as you chew the cheese. This is all lost after two or three days. Most people have never experienced the culinary delight of this product as a freshly made cheese.

Now they can… We can now flash freeze the mozzarella as it comes off the line and package it without the water in cardboard boxes. This new innovation, not only saves the cost of shipping water, but will allow us to use more economical see freight.

You will have the option of selling the product as fresh or frozen in your stores. The process of reconstitution is very simple. The amount of the cheese you need for the next days sale in the store, is simply taken out of the freezer and placed overnight in a container with water and a measured amount of the contents of a small package that in included in each box. The contents of the package are simply dehydrated fresh buffalo milk in water. There are no artifical products or additives added at any point in the production. Everything from the feed for the animals to the delivery at your location is documented. The cheese, once thawed doe not need to be refrigerated. (In the home in Italy, it is never keep in the refrigerator)
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Azienda Agricola I PINI di Rosario Rago

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